Saturday, July 1, 2017

Our Primarch has returned and so have I.

With the coming of 8th edition, I have found my way back to the 5th Company. I have purchased Guilliman and the Dark Imperium boxes. My penance is completed. Now I will strive to stay on course.

My intent is to stick to fluff. I have no intention of playing win at all costs. That is what drove me away last time. I want to do big narrative battles. I want my 12 yr old to start playing with me. I want the Techmarine(read:wife) to start playing with me as well. I got into the hobby as something fun to do with my friends I will go back to that again.

So my plan, is to get my army list together. See what I have and what I don't need. 7th saw a lot of purchases made as,"I need this for the new meta".  I am going to paint the units I intend to use on a regular basis. I am also going to be doing a lot of help with the wife and son's armies to get them up to snuff. Then I am going play a ridiculous a mount against said armies. Not to master my army, but to have some fun with my family.

I intend to return to the thing I really liked doing, the podcasts. I was just getting the hang of it. I am going to get back into a schedule that should allow not only 40k podcasting, but also a personal show I was dreaming up.

Lets see where this goes,
The Emperor protects,

And they shall know no fear


  1. Glad you back in the game, my number 1 rule has always been to have fun and keep it fluffy. I've been trying to get my two little ones in early as well, they've just been painting up "their" bikes, using pretty much every color I own to do so! But then there 5 and 2!

    I look forward to the pod casts.

    Hope you enjoy the new edition!

  2. Glad to have you! I will be posting the podcast in the next day or 2.