Saturday, July 1, 2017

Our Primarch has returned and so have I.

With the coming of 8th edition, I have found my way back to the 5th Company. I have purchased Guilliman and the Dark Imperium boxes. My penance is completed. Now I will strive to stay on course.

My intent is to stick to fluff. I have no intention of playing win at all costs. That is what drove me away last time. I want to do big narrative battles. I want my 12 yr old to start playing with me. I want the Techmarine(read:wife) to start playing with me as well. I got into the hobby as something fun to do with my friends I will go back to that again.

So my plan, is to get my army list together. See what I have and what I don't need. 7th saw a lot of purchases made as,"I need this for the new meta".  I am going to paint the units I intend to use on a regular basis. I am also going to be doing a lot of help with the wife and son's armies to get them up to snuff. Then I am going play a ridiculous a mount against said armies. Not to master my army, but to have some fun with my family.

I intend to return to the thing I really liked doing, the podcasts. I was just getting the hang of it. I am going to get back into a schedule that should allow not only 40k podcasting, but also a personal show I was dreaming up.

Lets see where this goes,
The Emperor protects,

And they shall know no fear

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Emperor be praised the new codex is lovely!

Greetings Brothers,

I have been carefully perusing my new codex over the last week. Worse, I have been following the rumors for the Dark Angels release, and wasting precious time.

My first response to the Codex was relief. I am enjoying the direction GW is going with the new releases. I pray that the other marines get the same love we have. For that matter, even the Xenos players should get the same love.

The new codex has so much to cover; I really don't know where to start. I suppose the best thing is to discuss the major change, first.

As you may have heard, we now have formations. You can still field the CAD. I wouldn't blame someone if they did. With the squadrons all over the new codex, I have a few CAD army ideas myself. However, the new formations are looking fun to me as well. They feel fluffy to me. I like fluffy. They also have the crunch to make them respectable. So without going into too much detail, here are the new formations:

Battle Demi Company(Core):
     This is your core formation. It is composed of 1 Captain or Chaplain, 3 Tactical Squads, 1 Assault support unit(bike squad, attack bike squad, unit of landspeeders, or assault centurion squad), 1 Devastator support unit(Devastator squad or Devastator Centurion squad). This formation also has option for command squad or dreadnought squad. The Captain and chaplain can be swapped out for Sicarrius, Cassius, Khan, Vulkan, Shrike, or Grimaldus.

     The squads themselves do not need be full strength, providing a great deal of flexibility to the function of the force. Also note that it's not just assault marines and devastator marines for the additional forces. With the potential for bikes, landspeeders, and centurions of both variety, this makes the demi battle company a fairly solid core force.

Also if you take two demi companies (Full Battle Company) you gain free transports. However upgrades to the transports still cost you.

This formation's special rules:
 Tactical flexibility-allow the formation access to the tactical/dev/assault doctrines,single use.
 Objective secured - makes all units in this formation objective secured.

Anti-aircraft defense force(Aux):
1 unit of stalkers
1 unit of hunters
Restriction: stalker unit must be made up of 2 stalker vehicles
Special rules: skyspear auto targeting- if the hunter his a fleet or FMC the stalkers add one to their BS against that target. 
Not really sold on this formation. Fliers just aren't that scary. When I see a flyer I do a mass fire with my army and try my luck at snap shots.

First Company Task Force(Aux):
This formation allows you to take units like the Terminators and Vanguard/Sternguard Veterans in any configuration. This formation grants these units fear and fearless. They can also nominate one unit for preferred enemy.  This force is a great way to field Vanguards, Sternguards, and Terminators as a force without having to go with Strikeforce Ultra.

Strikeforce Ultra(Aux):
Same as the previously released dataslate.

Reclusiam Command Squad(Command):
Same as the previously released dataslate.

10th Company Task Force(Aux):
This force allows you to field Scouts on their own with Sgt. Telion and, with its special rules, any of the infiltrated units gain the concealed special rule until they move.  Plus, for the first turn of the game all the units have precision shot. The best part of the unit is that scouts are regular statted marines, just with scout armor, making for a very nasty turn one.

Stormwing Formation(Aux):
Same as the previously released dataslate.

Centurion Siegebreaker Cohort(Aux):
This formation is a mix of Ironclad Dreadnought and Centurion Assault squads which grant the special rules to reroll failed AP and glancing hits against buildings.

Land Raider Spearhead(Aux):
3 Land Raiders of any variety. Grants armored behemoth, which lets them ignore all results on the vehicle dmg. table as long as they are within 6 in. of another vehicle in the formation.  They also gain the ability to reroll AP and to-wound rolls against super heavy vehicles and gargantuan creatures.

Librarius Conclave(Command):
This allows you to take multiple librarians, working together, as per the Dark Angel dataslate.

Armoured Task Force(Aux):
Allows for multiple vehicles to be fielded. Return of the tank line with this task force. Chronus can be selected for one of your tanks and a tech marine must be taken in addition to any for your Thunderfire Cannons. The special rules for this formation really focus on the tech marines, giving them vehicles within 6" ignore shaken and stunned results as well as a +1 to Blessing of the Omnissiah.

Suppresion Force(Aux):
Allows for Whirlwinds and Land Speeders to work together to provide the Whirlwinds with unlimited range and rerolls to hit.

Strike Force Command(Command):
This allows you to take named captains, chaplains, chapter masters and there appropriate escorts. There are no special rules allotted for this formation.

This is the rough summary of the formations.  I will go into my perceived usages of each in a later post, along with some key changes in the new Codex.  For now, the Master of the Forge says that I have to go help in the yard.


Sunday, May 24, 2015

From the Master of the Forge

Shoulders have been removed and reconnected with magnets for arm swap capability. Torquer sawed off the gun barrel and flipped it over.

-Master of the Forge

A gathering of allies

So I have recently procured 2 additional knights. Both built before the new codex. The master of the forge(read: the wife) has begun the refit of these grand additions to my now formidable knight forces.
I will update the progress of the undertaking at each step

Not much to do mod wise on the green fellow. Need to get the pads off. Then arm swap out is a snap.
This fellow needs a little more love. The melta  cannon is upside-down. Again, also removing shoulders.

Friday, May 22, 2015

To begin the long road back.

Its been along while since I last posted. So much has happened in life I can hardly recall half of what has occured. I am now returning, not for the rumored new codex. I am returning for the hobby I love. My army has sat mostly on the shelf through this last year. I have played with little to no passion. I have only used the hobby as a distraction from life. Well no more! I am back. My plan for the next few months, with regards to this blog is: To rediscover my joy in the hobby, To truly try everything once- use all of my models, and to report it here. I want to share my experience. Not for some grand purpose. No I am being purely selfish this time around. This will be my Journal to self, mostly. So sit back and enjoy the ride. I know I will.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Return of the Chaplain

As the title suggests, I will be resuming my podcast for Litanies of the Chaplain. With 7th edition, We have so many options at our disposal. I will be addressing Marine players, directly. However, I will be talking on how we can incorporate other armies into our strategies.

So I have a request for my readers. If you have a strategy using Imperial forces with our Beloved Sons of the Immortal Emperor, please share it. You need not test your idea. I have access to a wide array of models and will take all suggestions. We will test any recommended list, to determine its strengths and weaknesses. Any and all input is welcome.

As a parting shot, I decided that no Chaplain of the the Immortal Emperor should be without his Armorer Steed.
I plan on getting a personlized plate that says,"Chaplin".
Yeah I am that guy. See you all on the game tables.


Don't call it a comeback...

Let me start this post off by stating how thrilled I am by the support my little blog has been given by my readers. Once or twice a week I recieve an email from the gaming community asking if I plan on making another post. When I started this it was on a lark with Grumpy Guardsman, from Cadia's Creed. And while Grumpy is quiet prolific in his posting, mine tends to be hit or miss. Real life has a way of biting me in the arse. I own my own business, and travel a lot for sales and training other salespersons in my company. I fell behind and felt horrible for it. Then along came the podcast. This was a bit easier for me in the long run. But my poor little blog has been neglected. So I decided I would, as show of thanks for the support, try to do one post a day. Even if it is a short snippet on what has my attention that day. Hopefully, this will improve my habits.

As a quick aside, Segementum Command is coming along, wonderfully. We are really getting our feel for podcast ins and outs. We have also discussed doing a Video blog to go along with it. Exciting stuff for us. I really hope you enjoy the process. As always if you want to be a part of the fun, we are always looking for new ways to expand on our current ideas!

With that said, I thank you my audience, for the emails of support.